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Protexin Gut Balancer!


We have been using the gut balancer since The Great Adventure when Protexin kindly sponsored us. During this time, we haven’t had any issues with the horses having loose poos, and the ponies have maintained their weight well. When we got back home we started using the gut balancer for our senior horses with amazing success. Rowan (our 26-year-old pony) had been struggling to keep his condition for some time and after we started using the gut balancer we no longer had any problems with this. This is because it helps to normalise digestive function and efficiency, and veterans quite often cannot utilise their feed as efficiently as they get older. Flame (our 30-year-old) is also looking amazing too! We had accepted the fact that his weight is more of a problem as he continued to age so we couldn't believe the difference when we started using gut balancer! Both of our oldies were having 3-4 feeds a day and had access to hay and haylage at all times so we really were chucking everything down them! When we started using the balancer, they both started to pick up and are now just getting a small feed morning and night but look fantastic!

The gut balancer is also really useful for horses susceptible to ulcers as it helps to maintain the gut flora. It is a particularly beneficial preventative against hind gut ulcers, which can be tricky to diagnose and treat so are best avoided!


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