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Spillers - The Great Adventure Feeds!

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

The Great Adventure refers to our ride from John O'Groats to Land's End! This took us 6 weeks and we travelled almost 1000 miles! Spillers sponsored the endeavour with the following feeds which helped keep us going! Huge thank you to Spillers and Wye Valley Country Store!

Alfalfa Pro Fibre

This is an absolutely fantastic fibre high in protein and minerals, ideal for using as a base for concentrates. We wanted to feed as much fibre as possible whilst on the great adventure as it was a lot easier to store this than hay (they obviously did have hay and grass too). Having never tried this feed before using it on the Great Adventure we now use this at home as it is low in starch and sugar so works well for different horse personalities, from hot thoroughbreds to ulcer prone or laminitis prone. It is great for maintaining gastric health and has a mix of fibres to support the hindgut. It also has a high level of rapeseed oil which is fantastic for their coat and is also a source of slow release energy. We can honestly say having used this for the last eight months that we would never recommend any other fibre source. It smells great, has a great texture and the horses love it! Top buy!

Competition Mix

This is a really palatable mix and you can really tell a good mix by smell and consistency. This has a really great herbal smell and is moist but not sticky and doesn’t clump together in the bag. All the ponies really enjoyed their feed which is really important. It includes quality protein for muscle tone, a blend of oils for coat condition and lots of vitamins and minerals for overall well-being. It also includes B vitamins for energy release, vitamin C for respiratory health and vitamin E for muscle health. Obviously as this is a competition mix it is high in energy so please don’t feed unless your horse is in a high level of work. Our horses are not on this feed anymore as they do not need that extra buzz during the winter, but whilst on The Great Adventure the ponies were completing up to 50 km a day and this helped to give them the energy they needed. We can firmly recommend and would use again.

Response Slow Release Energy Mix

This is an amazing feed and we can strongly recommend it! This worked brilliantly in conjunction with the competition mix as we varied the amounts depending on how the ponies felt. Amadeus was just on this mix as he can be very excitable and this feed is specially formulated for highly strung competition horses. It contains fibre, oil and controlled levels of starch to provide sustained power, so is ideal for endurance and eventing. It provides high quality proteins, chelated minerals and antioxidant vitamins to support athletic performance and is high in vitamin E for muscle health. Again, this mix had a fantastic smell and consistency, and we will definitely be using it with the competition season coming up.

Whilst these feeds worked fantastically in conjunction with each other, Spillers offer a wide range of different feeds which you can find at

We also use the cool mix and the Senior Super-Mash and can recommend these also. Please see for our review of the Super-Mash.

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