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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

We say this a lot, it’s one of our most used hashtags and we truly live by it!

This weekend, we were once again reminded of this message a little while ago.

We enjoyed a fantastic day at Hickstead but then Lauren became sick, due to not eating or drinking enough, and couldn’t drive.

We messaged a friend to see if there was any chance we could crash at his house for a bit and he replied immediately with his address. Put it into maps and it happened to be just 6 minutes away!

People know that they are welcome at Little Hesteyri anytime for any reason, and we’re so lucky to have people all over who we know would be the same with us. It’s an absolutely priceless feeling to know that you’ve always got people in your corner.

After stopping over at our friend’s and being looked after, Lauren was absolutely fine in the morning and we headed home.

We were about halfway home when we got a call that a client horse had arrived, we had got the times muddled up so hadn’t called to rearrange. Our team back home got Bobby all settled and kept and eye on him until we returned.

All this, and they also did masses of work on the stables!

This dream really is a team effort and we are always thankful for the family that we have!

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