Healthy treats for our best friends!

November 12, 2015

Getting bored with cutting up carrots and apples? Time for a change? Well look no further! We've compiled a handy list of alternative treats for your four legged friends!


We'll start off with the most common which are of course apples and carrots but here are a few you might not know:


* Apricots, make sure these are pitted!
* Bananas, these can also be a great appetiser when paired with honey.
* Beetroot, improves exercise tolerance and stamina and is great for condition! Feed raw.
* Blackberries, ours love these and pick them off the bushes around their field, berries are also full of antitoxins.
* Blueberries.

* Celery, a great treat and has a very high water content, a great addition to a feed or as a treat!
* Cherries, half and take out the stone.
* Coconut, remove husk. Coconut is fab for weight gain and conditioning, we feed a coconut supplement!
* Dates, remove the stone.
* Figs, remove skin.
* Grapes.
* Grapefruit, remove the rind and feed occasionally as citrus fruits in large quantities can be bad for a horse's gut.
* Lettuce, cut up and feed in strips.
* Mangoes, remove the stone.
* Oranges, feed occasionally.
* Peaches, remove the stone.
* Pears, great alternative to boring apples!
* Pineapple, feed in small chunks.
* Plums, remove the stone.
* Pumpkin, remove seeds and only feed the flesh.
* Raisins.
* Squash, feed flesh and remove seeds.
* Strawberries! Rowan adores these and has eaten our plants on many occasion having broken into the garden!
* Tangerines, feed sparingly.
* Turnips, cut into small chunks.
Watermelon, horses love the rind especially.
* Alfalfa, wheat, oats and barley (basically, you can feed your breakfast granola or muesli to your horse if you want to)!


Let us know if you have any queries or want to know what NOT to feed your horse!


Thanks for reading!






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