NAF Love the Skin

September 23, 2015

"Love the Skin" by NAF!


Love the Skin is a great product, our favourite is the salve. 


*It's great to use on cuts, grazes, rainscald and mud rot.


*We're using it a lot at the moment to prevent cases of mud rot occurring. 


*Mud rot is a basic winter ailment. When it gets wet... There is mud and, try as you may, it is impossible to avoid horses standing around in said mud. 


*When mud rot does set in, don't wash your horse's legs as doing so softens the skin, washes out their protective oils and leaves them more susceptible to more mud rot! 

Instead, let your horse dry out in a stable (or if you have no access to a stable, tying him up with a haynet on any hard standing is much better than nothing). 

When your horse's legs are dry, brush off any mud with a dandy brush and rub some 'Love the skin' salve, or an oil based cream, all over the affected area. the tea tree in the salve really is great for the skin.

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