Rose ~ Berriewood

June 10, 2017

Rose had a fantastic run at Berriewood BE80 with a fab dressage, much improved from her other run at Swalcliffe but still with a fairly high score of 39.5 which was a little disappointing but there's still plenty to work on

Rosie managed a super Show Jumping clear and took some lovely long strides into some jumps which was great to see as she's not always been confident on grass! 

The competition ended with an amazing clear cross country which meant she finished on her dressage score to come 9th in a large section! This was her second top ten placing out of two events so we're seriously impressed with her! Not bad for a show jumper! 

 The journey home didn't go quite as well...

Rose panicked on the box and got caught in her rug which made her freak out and kick the back of the box and launch herself around her partition.


Dad immediately pulled the lorry over but we had nowhere to safely unload her as we were on the hard shoulder of a very busy road.

We managed to calm her slightly by going to her head and back in the partition flush with hers. I undid the front of her rug and Lauren stroked it along her back. 

We both physically had to hold her down while murmuring sweet nothings in her ear when she panicked again at the feeling of the belly straps which we couldn't get to to undo. Rose managed to wriggle out of her rug which calmed her slightly but she hadn't worked out what had caused her to stress in the first place which meant that she proceeded to freak out about everything. 

Dad started the box up again and edged forward which set Rose off bucking and kicking once more. Convinced that we would have to unload her next to the busy road, we shouted to Dad to stop!

We then spent a little while in the back with our princess, watching her and talking to her which soothed her massively. We sponged her down and checked her for injuries as best we could in the confined space.

Rose had skinned the top of her tail and her hocks but there was hardly any blood. This was a relief because we were stuck for ideas. If we unloaded her next to the road: A, it wouldn't be safe for her anyway, particularly with her freaking out and the chance that we might not be able to hold her... B, we may not get her back on our lorry or any other box! However the movement of the lorry was enough to terrify her again.

We pulled the partition next to her right back to the other one so that she had double the space and then untied her so that we could hold her before cautiously asking Dad to start up and move off.

This time, Rose stayed calm and rested her head practically on the floor for the rest of the journey home, absolutely exhausted with freshly made kindling from the lorry all around her!



We were very lucky that Rose trusted us enough to let her sort her out and nothing would ever be possible without our awesome team! Dad kept his cool and drove steadily until he could safely stop, despite everything going on in the back. We are blessed to have been able to work as such an effective team. This includes Katy who not only helped and supported at the event and when disaster struck but also hayed up the horses when we arrived home so that we could patch Rose up.

Thankfully the lorry is made of tough stuff or the end result could have been completely different and due to the give in the back kickboard (which Dad has already replaced): Rose escaped with only superficial injuries. We are just so grateful to have our little princess home after such a horrendous ride!

Rose has since travelled and suffered no effects from her horrible experience.





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