Day 7 The Great Adventure

June 17, 2018


30.3 km

Last night was such a bad nights sleep as there was a terrible storm and the weather was mental! The tent definitely would have blown away if we hadn’t been in it! However, to make up for it we had bacon and eggs this morning.

The riding this morn would have been glorious if it weren’t for the freezing rain and 60 mile an hour winds. We crossed a ford and went down through woodland tracks to Golspie. The ponies were wonderful. At Golspie we jumped back in the lorry to have a lift over the bridge, and the other side dumped back off to ride to Dornoch.

Riding this afternoon followed the same theme. Less rain, but the wind picked up even more, and the ponies really got buffeted around a bit. They were stoic though, and we finished being shot across the next big bridge.

We are now staying overnight with the amazing people at The Shandwick Inn where the ponies are grazing on their beautifully manicured front lawn and we will be having our second hot shower in a row! People are so kind and we can’t wait to have a proper meal tonight (though the men are doing a beautiful job on the camping stove)!

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The Great Adventure is supporting:
Andrew Simpson Foundation : The Sailing Charity;
Dogs Trust;
The Racehorse Sanctuary;
Hesteyri Horses’ work with rescue cases.

Any donations over £20 will be entered into the raffle, with some amazing prizes already up for grabs!

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