LeMieux Support Boots

We love all LeMieux products but among our absolute favourite are the support boots which we have over 10 pairs of in a few different colours! We were also lucky enough to be sponsored several sets by Horse Health for The Great Adventure!

The support boots offer full protection for horses' legs. The lowest strap is a fetlock strap which offers the most support and makes the boots almost like wraps. The unique bonus is that the horses can jump in them too, which we do regularly!

In relation to The Great Adventure, the boots were so important to give the maximum amount of protection, shock absorption and support.

We made our way up and down some extremely steep hills, trotted on roads and hard paths, clambered over rocks and pebbles which shifted under the horses, galloped along beaches, travelled through streams, rivers and fords and, perhaps most terrifyingly: Fell in a bog!

We were wandering across a field in Scotland, theoretically on a path when the ground became a bit mossy and spongy. We had no experience of bogs until the moment where the ground disappeared under Amadeus and he flailed around, trying to find solid ground. His biggest problem was that Lauren had fallen just in front of him and he refused to get himself out at her risk. Lauren managed to get to solid ground and guided him back too. A few moments later, Flicker ended up in a different deep patch and was up to his armpits in a second. We guided him out too and eventually got back to proper safety where we checked our equipment.

To our amazement, Our LeMieux support boots were still secure on both ponies which was more than we could have hoped for. We are also convinced that the boots may well have saved the ponies from tendon and lower leg injuries in the deep bogs.

The boots were also phenomenal during The Great Glen Way and The West Highland Way where we had very steep paths made from gravel and big rocks, all of which shifted under the ponies' feet. This was very tricky for us, as riders, too as we had to be constantly switched on and supporting our four leggeds.

We couldn't believe the way the boots protected against external injuries too, such as knocks, cuts and scrapes from things like rocks and brambles. After 44 days at around 50km each day, the boots were worn in places and torn in others. Now imagine all of that wear and tear on our ponies' legs instead!

We are so thankful and relieved to have such wonderful leg protection while we battled the hardest terrain and challenges we have ever faced.

After arriving home, we brushed off our boots and they are still going strong now! We have added a few more pairs to the ranks and love them all!

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