Day 18 The Great Adventure

February 2, 2019



Approximately 38km.


Today was a bit of an irritating one. We started out well, going some way on nice unused roads which was nice, although hot. Then, unfortunately we ended up on a not so nice road, which was marked yellow on the map, but was really not yellow at all. 


It’s ok we thought, we’ll be on the Clyde Walkway in a bit, down by the river, it’ll be lovely. WRONG. It was not lovely, after about 10 minutes we came to a few steps. Well that’s fine we can do steps so we carried on. Then we came to some decking which seemed ok, but when we were about halfway holes started to appear here and there, which really rather freaked us out! We survived, but then after lulling us into a false sense of security by being nice for a bit, there was a set of steps so we had to retrace footsteps for some way and go round on roads. 


So a bit of a frustrating one but we weren’t grumpy and we cracked on. 

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