Day 22 The Great Adventure

February 2, 2019


Approximately 34km.


Today was hot! We were sweating before we even got on the horses and by lunch break we’d got to that point where you really struggle to even get back on the horse. The actual ponies were amazingly stoic and were up for it despite the heat, but we held them back a bit so they didn’t kill themselves (Flicker wasn’t quite so stoic about the flies). On top of the mountains again today on a bridlepath (yay!). It was stunning and amazing. Then back onto small roads with a little bit of bridlepath through the woods to finish. 

We met a lovely man at the beginning of the ride with his gorgeous dog. You can just about see them behind Meg here. 

Thanks thanks thanks to you all for being so amazing. We’d really be struggling without your support!

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