Day 26 The Great Adventure

February 2, 2019





Today would have been a good one as we were making really good time and the ponies were feeling fresh and fabulous. Unfortunately, disaster struck, and Flicker went lame in a hind leg. We are sure it’s nothing serious and only from him straining it clambering over boulders (and we’re meant to be in real bridlepaths now!).


However, it did mean we had to stop on Flicker. After a little chat about what to do, we decided to swap him for Phoenix for the rest of the day. We’ll also swap Amadeus’ rest day for Flicker’s, and hopefully he’ll be ok by the day after. 


So, this morning started with a bridlepath which would be more suited to riding mountain goats than anything else! We then got onto the Pennine Bridleway, which is beautiful, but also quite treacherous in places. Flicker went lame at about 2.30, 2/3 of the way through the ride, and we didn’t get Phoenix until past 4. So, once again we’ve finished at 9, very tired people tonight!

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