Day 33 The Great Adventure

February 2, 2019

Today, the amazing Cassie went with Flicker so that Amadeus could have a day off to hopefully become sound (he’s already a lot better, thank you for all of your love!) and Phoenix can hopefully heal up her nasty fly bite!

5 year old Cassie has only really hacked around our small, boring lanes so hasn’t seen much traffic and was quite flighty a few months ago (would try to shoot off if her belly touched grass or pretty much any other time, including when her rider moved) which was really helped by barebacking her and stripping her tack back completely but we weren’t sure how she would cope having not been touched in a month!

We boxed back to our route and parked at the side of the road to tack up and she was noticeably worried but soon calmed down. We got started and immediately had to go through undergrowth with overhanging branches touching her ears and ferns and brambles touching her belly! No worries from Cassie!

Then we ended up on a fairly beefy road because the bridleway was blocked off and Cassie was totally amazing with the cars, bikes and lorries that passed before we found the next bit of extremely overgrown stretch of bridleway. 

Our next challenge were three tight concrete steps (at the top of a bridlepath!!) which Cassie had never seen. Hopped up to see if she would carry on down and she negotiated them amazingly and carried on down the slope as the steps got further apart. We decided to turn around when the path got trickier again and found a footpath which was great apart from Meg getting dragged backwards off Cass by a load of brambles (and Cass still didn’t put a foot wrong!) and then coming to another set of steps! Which were even worse than the last. We led Flix down and he negotiated perfectly and left it up to Cass whether she wanted to follow or if we needed to find another way. Nope, piece of cake apparently!

The rest of the ride was a breeze and so much fun! We had streams (which Cassie had never seen before) to jump along with little logs and an ace canter!

So proud of our awesome ponies, baptism of fire for Cassie but they’ll do anything when they trust you! What a clever girl!

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