Day 34 The Great Adventure

February 2, 2019



Rest day!

Today was a rest day at home, trying to recharge the batteries for the last push tomorrow! First thing this morning we had a visit from Tom to get Cass’ feet filed. I went back to bed afterwards and woke to our friend Sam who had come to visit. 

We went to see Kerry over at Scarlett’s, and he looks awesome and was really happy to see us which was nice. Unfortunately, Scarl wasn’t there because she was at the vets with Sol, fingers crossed he is better soon! 

Afterwards we had a quick stop at Redbrook to see how the grass was growing. The answer was very well, the ponies may need some #vosselectricfence to strip graze it when we get back!

We finished the visits stopping by Pilstone, where the majority of our horses are, thanks to Anthea and Nick. None of them were quite as cuddly as Kerry until they got treats! They are all looking hugely fat, and we can’t wait to get them back into work and get those bellies off! 

Tears before bedtime as unfortunately Amadeus is still not quite right and won’t be finishing the adventure with us. He is not properly lame any more, but he’s not on form and it’s not worth the risk! 

We are not looking forward to being back on the road tomorrow, but we are SO thankful to everyone for your support! 

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