Day 42 The Great Adventure

February 2, 2019




We rode... then we rode a bit more... then some more. All of the days are really blurring together now and we are barely even noticing our surroundings. 

We started about 10km off our route but decided to ride it anyway and get a lift at the end of the day instead. We had some good roads and bridlepaths up through the wood which was relaxing. We went through a ford near some children and climbed out of the woods through a farm. 

Then came an awkward bit of a gamble. Nearby was a footpath which would take us over onto another small road. If we couldn’t get through we’d have to go through the outskirts of Bodmin which would have been a pain. For once luck was on our side and not only could we get through, the track was pretty lovely too! 

After that it was mainly roadwork although on some nice small roads, we had a little bit on the moor on a bridlepath. 

Thanks for being so amazing, we really couldn’t do it without your support!

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