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About Us

At Hesteyri Horses we are committed to providing the best possible service for you and your horse.
We know that you know your horse better than anyone, and so work with you to help them.


Meg show jumps on the affiliated and unaffiliated circuits with all types of horses and takes part in other unaffiliated events.

As she's usually the first to sit on a horse when one is in to back, she does plenty of work to improve her seat and balance to avoid coming a cropper!


Lauren has evented up to Novice level and show jumps up to Discovery Level having just qualified for British Novice second rounds on Rose.

Because of Meg's asthma, Lauren is the event rider for Team Hesteyri and she has ridden many different horses to high levels, including our own!


Dan does everything with the horses from mucking out to riding!

He may have a few less years experience with horses but he has great instincts and is calm and kind to all horses.

Dan has helped back horses in the past and, of course, regularly films us working with horses or competing and one should never take their cameraman for granted!


Jun is a great help on the yard and has helped with many horses whether filming or helping to teach a horse to pull a cart!

Jun is a fully qualified Bowen Therapist for human and equine, so is vital to keep our bodies, and those of our horses (and client horses), healthy and comfortable


We were always taught that helping people and saving animals is more important than money. Saving horses has always been a big part of what we do and our dad, Ralph, has always encouraged that to the point where we describe a horse in need and he replies: 'When are we picking them up?'

Ralph is arena and stable block builder, lorry driver and so much more!

One of the things that sets Hesteyri Horses apart is our willingness to work with any horse. Often, the limitations of horses lie with humans writing them off for certain jobs because they don't conform to the ideals, maybe their shape and size doesn't fit the mould of an event horse or have the confirmation for a show jumper, the looks for dressage or they don't look like they will have the build for endurance.


We have re-trained ex-racehorses to Novice level eventing; produced rescues up to 1.20m show jumping; ridden bitless, bareback and barefoot; we have done county level showing; competed affiliated to 1.10m BSJA; ridden endurance, including the length of the UK in 2018; taught racehorses to gallop and we practice liberty. We are flexible to what our clients want as well as what's best for the horse.

We never turn away a horse because they don't suit what we want to do, we try our best to change to fit what they want to do and work with clients to see the potential of any horse or pony.

One of our client horses, Shirley, had been to quite a few trainers before we started working with her. Her owners wanted her to do some competing, even if it was just a few dressage and show jumping competitions but ideally: They wanted her to event. No one seemed to see Shirley's potential, they just saw a 14hh welsh cob with an occasional attitude problem! We saw a rather epic little pony with the scope and ability to jump 100 tracks. Shirley evented with us in 2018 having competed in dressage and show jumping competitions over Winter 2017.

We have had everything from off-the-track Thoroughbreds to heavyweight cobs at Little Hesteyri and no horse gets treated any differently based on what they may or may not be suited to!

Particularly with our rescues, we let them chose their jobs. We have known cobs who want to be show jumpers, thoroughbreds who would rather happy hack, horses who find eventing too stressful and those who find everything else too dull! Our job isn't to push them to fit a criteria, it's to bring out the best in them!

Our Methods

​At Hesteyri Horses, we embrace a variety of techniques to help horses, and are very adaptable. We will go with whatever methods are best for the individual horse.


We believe that each horse is an individual and should be treated accordingly with kindness, respect and understanding to create a relationship based on trust.


For more on how we work, there are lots of videos on our YouTube channel, and all sorts of posts on Facebook, documenting the way we back, train and work with horses.


"I couldn't of thanked hesteyri horses enough for working with Alfie they had him for 2 weeks and Alfie hasn't been touched for 6 years and he's like new! Never thought I'd be where I was now thank you to these guys!"

-Mary, Client


"Thank u both for yesterday -I was so impressed how u rode daisy and jumped her so lovely after only sitting on her once before! Thank u"

-Rachel, Client


"If you are looking for schooling or backing livery check out Hesteyri Horses in Gloucester. They can work miracles and care passionately about the horses. The reviews are excellent."



"After our pony picked up some bad habits that we did not have the knowledge to correct, we decided to seek some help. We looked at various options on where to go and having read other reviews and speaking with Lauren and Meg knew instantly this was the best place for her.

The list of issues was long but we dropped off a pony who would not move forwards, bucked constantly and hated other horses. While we needed her issues fixed my main request was for her to be happy as it didn’t feel like she wasn’t enjoying life.

She has come back moving forwards, bucking has reduced significantly, and most importantly she is happy and contented with life. We cannot thank you both enough for helping her and giving us back our much loved girl."

-Rachel, schooling livery client


"I sent my mare to them to start her jumping. they are kind and understanding and extremely professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone. thank you."

-Sara, Schooling livery Client


"Absolutely chuffed with the work they did in backing my little cob - very professional and friendly girls who work in a kind and sensitive way with the horses- highly recommended "

-Jayne, backing livery client


I have taught [the Hesteyri Horses team] on a private basis, predominately dressage, at a competitive level. During this time we have developed a good relationship which is both professional, friendly and mutually respectful. [They] developed into a mature, effective rider[s] so much so I asked [them] to work with me in backing our youngster, Dani.

[They have] many positive attributes towards working with animals, especially horses, [they are] tenacious, very practical and intelligent, animals respond well to [their] sensitivity but [they are] also appropriately assertive to gain their respect. [They are] also highly motivated and will work under [their] own initiative as the situation dictates.

[They] worked with me for several months last spring/summer assisting with the backing of our youngster. [They] did a wonderful job quickly gaining Dani’s confidence and trust which is essential during the backing process. [They were] also confident to take the lead where appropriate. Due to [their] hard work and dedication Dani progressed very quickly and without upset. [They] took Dani to her first few shows culminating in representing The Pony Club at the Area Dressage competition, only four months after being backed. I owe a lot of this to [their] initial assistance and I am grateful for [their] ability and professional attitude.    

-Sanai Dressage and Spinal Therapy

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