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The Great Adventure

Our ride from John of Groats to Land's End

Our ride from John O'Groats to Land's End took 44 days from 08/06/18 and covered over 1000 miles, raising money for The Dog's Trust, The Racehorse Sanctuary, The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation and for our continued efforts in saving horses and ponies. We raised £3800, with £1000 each going to our charities.

The Dog's Trust do amazing work with dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds who need rehoming. They never rush to rehabilitate, the dogs have as long or short a time as needed for them to be ready for a new home.


To adopt Mitch, our gorgeous Dog's Trust collie, we needed five visits, rather than the normal two, because he was so nervous and worried about other dogs as well as people.


He has settled so well and loves his life. He spends his days running around with Tess, the horses and his humans.


The Racehorse Sanctuary & Rehoming Centre take off track racehorses who may have no other place to go. These horses may have been 'destroyed' if not for the Sanctuary but get their second chance at a new life because of the hard work of the Sanctuary.


We have had many exracehorses who we have rehabilitated and retrained and firmly believe that these horses deserve more in life than just racing, they deserve love above everything else.

The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation work to offer all young people the chance to sail, regardless of their abilities and backgrounds. Sailing is a healthy and physical activity which gives a fantastic atmosphere to young people and enables youths to take part in an activity they wouldn't normally get to do.


If you would like to read about our daily struggles and victories, while we made our way down the country, please check out our blog! Here, we condensed the trip into an easy to read account.

The trip was self funded to gain as many donations for our chosen charities as possible! Anyone who donated £20 or over or who put us up for a night had their name added to the raffle which we drew on 11/08/18!

Thank you to our sponsors:

A.P.Equine and Canine Chiropractor ~ Sponsored us with free treatments for the ponies involved!

Tom Quirk Farrier ~ Sponsored us with free trims for the ponies before take off!

Ordnance Survey ~ Sponsored us a free subscription to their maps app, vital in our route plan and journey.

Wye Valley Country Store ~ Sponsored us with discounted feed and their constant support.

Brook Hi Vis ~ Sponsored us 6 reflective vests for the journey and 4 for a competition on our page!
Farm & Stable Supplies ~ Sponsored us branded riding wear and TRM supplements for the ponies!

Horse Health | Le Meuix ~ Sponsored us four sets of their support boots for the ponies and raffle prizes!
Cavallo Hoof Boots ~ Sent us hoof boots for all of the horses to keep their whole foot protected!

Protexin Equine ~ Sponsored their Gut Balancer and licks for the adventure.

EQU StreamZ ~ Sent a pair of their amazing fetlock bands to help with inflammation and strain.
Silverfeet ~ Sent Silverfeet to keep the ponies' feet in top condition in the extreme heat and work load!

Prolite ~ Sponsored us one of their relief pads to keep the ponies backs comfortable and cushioned!

Rentokil Initial ~ Sponsored 3 embroidered LeMeuix saddlepads and 3 rugs for the journey!

Gatehouse Hats ~ Sponsored us 3 riding hats, 3 gilets and 3 fly veils!

NAF ~ Sent us a care package for each horse including Electrosalts, Recover Aid and Love the Skin!

Hardy Etc. Clothing ~ Sent a hoodie for a raffle prize!
Ancol Pet Products ~ Sent a dog bed for a raffle prize!

Burns Pet Nutrition ~ Sponsored the food for our three dogs for the duration of the journey!

Bling in the Show Ring ~ Sponsored a stock pin and money off voucher for a raffle prize!

Equine Bridle Discs ~ Sent "John O'Groats to Land's End 2018" Bridle discs for each of the ponies!

Robinson Animal Healthcare ~ Sent a Horse and Rider First Aid kit as a raffle prize!

Roeckl Equestrian ~ Sponsored us 6 pairs of their amazing gloves!

Spillers ~ Kept the horses fed with 13 bags of feed and also sponsored us a feed voucher for a raffle prize!

Saracen Horse Feeds ~ Sent a feed voucher, feed scoop and gilet as raffle prizes!

Stubbs England ~ Sent 3 treat balls for raffle prizes!

VioVet ~ Sent 2 bags off NAF horse treats for raffle prizes!

Baileys Horse Feed ~ Sent a feed voucher, baseball cap and lead rope for raffle prizes.

VOSS electric-fence ~ Sponsored an electric fence enclosure, an energiser and 3 fly traps for raffle prizes!

"What an amazing adventure you all have in store, and for such great causes!

We wish you the best of luck on your ride, and in raising money for your chosen charities!"

-Horse Health, the company behind LeMeiux

The team at Hesteyri Horses are planning to do a six-week ride from John O'Groats to Lands End next summer, in aid of three brilliant charities: Dogs TrustThe Racehorse Sanctuary, and Andrew Simpson Foundation : The Sailing Charity. The ride will also help to raise awareness and funds for the yard's own horse rescue, rehabilitation, and retraining programme. Check out their Facebook page or their website for more information about the ride and the charities, and to donate or get involved!

-Jonty Evans Eventing, international and olympic event rider

Thank you to all who have donated!

Chloe Constable

Lena Walliman
Shirley Hallett
Emma Kavanagh
Fran Dichello
Alan Robins
Katy Hogg
Robin Noakes

Helen Jones

Ani and Jenhao Chan

 Anne Behardien

 Pok-yu Chow

Cheryl Lewis

Therapy Dogs Nationwide
All those who have donated into any of the collection boxes
Corinne Cassidy
Trudie Harrod
Rhiannon Shaw-Penman

The Sarsbys
Russell Penwell
Jenny Richards
Wendy and Lauren Poulton
Shuk Tsang
Ann Spencer
Ross Bradley

Sue Oakes

David and Annette Bruton

Carol and Graeme Hogg

Sherryl Hall

Sue Beckett

Zoe Thomas
Amy Trollop
Fern Taylor-Wrighton

Suzanne and Ken;

Mike and Claire;

Kerry and Doug;

Lucy Perkins;

Susan Smith;

Ben Madler;

Liz Oakham;

Karen Saben;

John and Anne Pope;

Alex Pope;

Helen Snowdon;

Kayleigh Scrivens;

Claire Corney;

Naomi Harris;

Sarah Cornwall;

Liza Gordon;

Dee Fifield;

Anthea Prest;

Suzie Gibbons;

Sophie Ball;

Alison Barton;

Jane Ayres;

Gregg Morrish;

Harriet Stafford;

Angela Wheatley;

Lizzy Giles;

Carole Waite;

Sarah Coulson;

Michael and Nicola;

Jaci Crocombe;

Laura Thompson;

Euan and Finn White;

Annette Thomas;

Heidi Benson;

Jayne Townsend;

Andy Kavanagh;

Amanda Fraser;

Abigail Simpson;

Redbrook Equestrian;

Beth Darrall;

Johanna Jones;

Katie Williams;

Anne-Marie and David Woosnam;

Julie Williss;

Fiona Williams;

Dorothy Smith;

Louise Bridges;

Krista Harris;

Rachel Walters;

Jackie and Helen Davies;

Sophie Peckham;

Tabby Prest;

"The donations will be split 4 ways with 1/4 going back into the Hesteyri Horses business, rehabbing, backing and bringing on horses and ponies from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as Inca and Swift who narrowly avoided the meat man thanks to the girls' intervention! The other 3/4 going equally to 3 totally worthy charities."
-Katy, friend and client

"Well done Hesteyri Horses you are amazing! You should be super proud of your achievement!"

- Jackie and Helen Davies

"Well done on your amazing journey !! Fantastic effort all round"

- Louise Bridges

"Congratulations to you both, and your support team for completing your amazing journey. What an achievement!"

- Dorothy Smith

"You guys are utterly amazing!"

- Abigail Simpson

"I hope it goes well and have fun most importantly. We are so proud of you all just remember that if something doesn’t go to plan, we are and will continue to be proud and support you no matter what"

- Gabs Dichello

"you are an inspiration good luck"

- Harriet, aged 7

"Well done ladies. Brilliant achievement!"

- Julie Williss

"Well done everyone, team effort. A mega achievement"

- Andy Kavanagh

"Well done girls you are doing so well; can’t imagine it’s much fun in all this heat. Keep going"

- Jaci Crocombe

"Well done! An amazing achievement!"

- Fiona Williams

"Well done - huge achievement! Welcome home"

- Katie Williams

"Well done Team Hesteryri Horses"

- Anne-Marie Woosnam

"Well done girls and ponies. Awesome achievement"

- Jo Jones

"Very proud of you girls"

- Redbrook Equestrian

Thank you to all who have offered help and places for us to stay!

Emma Hindson;

Julie Williss;
Nicki Gibbons;
Gill Mills;
Kevin Bradford;

Clemmie and Olly Hopkinson;

Rosevidney Livery Stables;


Mount Pleasant Holidays ;

St. Leonards Equestrian Centre;

Pete and Katherine;

Gingerland Livery Services;


Hill Farm Equestrian;

Sperrings Equestrian;


Sunfield Stables;

North West Equine Vets;



Thorniewhats Equestrian;

Scottish Equestrian Hotel;

Easter Moffat Livery Yard;

Easterton Stables;

Alexanders Town & Country Specialists;

The Glencoe Gathering;

Doug and Kerry;

Mike and Claire;

The Shandwick Inn;

Sutherland Swimming Pool;

Monmouth Beacon;

Your Horse Magazine;

Suzanne and Ken;

BBC Radio Gloucestershire;

BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall;

Claire and Woody;

Linnhe Lochside Holidays;

Croft Top Equestrian Centre;

Mears Animal Feeds;

Woodford Riding Stables;

The Fountain Inn;

Hill Top Equestrian Centre;

"Well done on your epic trek. Not only have you supported your chosen charities, but have also helped to raise awareness of the need for a better maintained bridleway system across the country."

- Amanda Fraser

"Love you guys! Can’t wait to hear about this adventure when we see you soon!!!!"

- Lena Walliman

"Well done on your ride so far, you are doing a great job!"

- Heidi Benson

"Fantastic challenge you have set yourself girls. Keep going, enjoying the daily updates. Well done also to your support crew, happy riding."

- Angela Wheatley

"You are doing so well keep going and look forward to seeing you when you return"

- Alison Barton

"t was great to meet you both on our last day of walking 190 miles from Glasgow to Inverness raising money for Contact The Elderly, you are doing an amazing job, love following your adventures"

- Gregg Morrish

"Well done so far both! What a challenge! Best of luck for the rest of the adventure"

- Sophie Ball

"You are all doing a great job. It was a pleasure to meet you, in Scotland. Glad you could make use of our garage overnight!"

- Claire and Mike

"Love what you’re doing ladies and your whole ethos. Enjoy the ride"

- Dee Fifield

"Good luck with your ride! Well done on all the fab work you do."

- Sherryl Hall

"Good luck girls. You are amazing "

- Sue Oakes

Thank you to all who are house and animal sitting while we are away!

Kate Connolly

Katy Hogg
Meg Johns
Keren Biddle
Lucy Jones

Sam Williss

Lena Walliman



"Love your work girls and wish you all the best for the trip! "

- Trudie Harrod

"Love that you're doing this- we're behind you all the way (just not on horseback!) Love you loads"

- Fran Dichello

Thank you to all who have given support in other ways!

Jane Davies - Donated tack for us to use and to sell to raise money

Lucy Houldsworth - Donated rugs and equipment
Stephen's Book Shop - Have a collection box in the shop to fund raise and have been regularly donating!
Katy Hogg - Donated tack and equipment to sell and raise funds

Heidi Walliman - Donated tack, rugs and equipment
Forest Holidays - Has a collection box front and centre at the Forest of Dean branch
Wye Valley Country Store - Have a collection box at the tills
The Inn at Penallt - Has a collection box at the front desk
Lindsey Faulkner - Bought from our 'The Great Adventure' stock
Penny Jolly - Donated tack and equipment
Jonty Evans Eventing - Shared onto his Facebook page to help us gain publicity and raise funds

Sue and David Biggin - Sent a huge donation directly to Hesteyri Horses for much needed supplies for the trip!
Teqnox - have shared a blog post onto their website along with online promotions on their other medias!

Anthea and Nick Prest - have taken some of our other horses on free grass livery
Avon Sailing Club - hosted a charity fundraiser

Jennie - kept one of our ponies for the duration of the ride.

Ann - looked after Solo for the duration of the ride.

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