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Tutorials, 'how to's, case studies and top tips! We hope to offer some insight into how to overcome certain obstacles and show you how we do things! 

How to pick up a nervous horse's feet

These two videos go together really nicely. The first shows how we get close to a known kicker who had huge people problems before coming to us.
The second goes into a bit more depth into how to pick up the feet of a pony with a similar issue. More importantly, we show how to take the horse from worried to comfortable, so it's not just about doing it but making the horse happy while you do!
We discuss the importance of setting goals correctly. There really is a right way! Setting effective and achievable goals really helps you to measure success and focus internally, rather than looking at others. Life is not a race, and we all get to different places in our own time.
This blog was originally written about lockdown, but we all know that time off from horses for any reason is really tough for us horsey folk and you might find some interesting coping strategies here!
In 2019, we had the pleasure of backing and working with a gorgeous dressage horse who struggled with the neurological condition, shivers. In this blog, we go into detail about how to work with this very complicated and sometimes volatile condition.
The video and blog go together well to show our backing process. This is a difficult one to explain properly, so we have tried to show and analyze each of our steps, rather than just telling people what to do, which is unlikely to work!
Here's one we see asked about very regularly, so we thought we would share our findings in this blog, because people have different views but it's great to see the case study and hoof comparison to allow you to decide for yourself!
This will hopefully help you to set out your own grid, with the knowledge of how to do so in the future, rather than just being able to set out one particular exercise. We go into detail about striding in this blog, and what different styles may help different horses.
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