We are so grateful to all of our sponsors! To carry on rescuing and rehabilitating horses, and for our trip from John O' Groats to Land's End to be a success, we need all of the help that we can get! We are always actively seeking new sponsors so please get in touch if anyone you know may be looking for a sponsored team who are very active, not just on social media but also with competitions and training and high profile events, such as The Great Adventure next year!

Current Sponsors

A.P.Equine and Canine Chiropractor sponsors us with discounted treatments and vouchers for clients!

Amanda has helped so many of our horses and client horses. We often recommend Amanda when clients call us out to horses displaying problematic behaviour like bucking or rearing. Often, by the time Amanda has treated them and helped them with pain, we hardly have to do anything!

Amanda has a love for horses and other animals which is clear in her work and the way she strives to help all animals!


A.P Equine Livery Services also offer rehabilitation and assisted livery!

Rentokil​ Initial have sponsored us some amazing horse and rider kit since starting their support of us in 2018, for The Great Adventure.

In 2020, they sponsored our amazing Rentokil Initial show jump! You can see Dreamer flying our Rentokil Initial show jump here!

Horsemart_2016-01 (2).png

Horsemart sponsor us with a free business membership for advertisements, as well as branded kit. They also provide us with products to test and post blogs our blogs on their site.

Horsemart have been the leading website for selling horses for years but have branched out more recently into selling other products and posting engaging articles.

Check out their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for competitions and offers!

Protexin sponsored us a tub of their amazing gut balancer and salt licks for the horses during The Great Adventure!


We have also had discounts since and almost all of our horses are on their Gut Balancer!

protexin is a leading range of unique probiotic supplements for horses and ponies. The focus of their products is on promoting effective health, recovery and performance in horses.

Their supplements have made a massive difference in ulcer prone horses because they help to get the gut moving correctly. Check out our reviews of Gut Balancer and Cosequin!

Follow their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular posts and offers!

Horse Health sponsored us nine sets of their amazing support boots as well as two raffle prizes of 'On the Hoof' hoof oil spray and 'Time to Shine' finishing spray for The Great Adventure

The support boots wrap completely around the leg and include a strap which goes around the fetlock to keep them comfortable and, of course, offer the maximum amount of support to the leg. We couldn't be more grateful for our LeMieux support! 

Our horses are regularly seen wearing LeMieux kit, and less noticeably, their sprays! We love the protection and comfort they offer as well as how smart the horses look in their gear!

Check out our reviews of their products!

Gatehouse Hats sponsored us three of their amazing hats which are adjustable (so we can even fit our ear warmers underneath)! They also sent us three Gatehouse embroidered Mark Todd Collection Gilets and three fly veils! These were all initially for The Great Adventure but have been used everyday since!


We are so lucky to be sponsored by Gatehouse because our old hats have seen a fair few knocks! Our new ones are Show jumping legal (and I suppose we could do dressage in them too if we were that way inclined...) and the adjustable settings has already been hugely helpful in many ways, including horse viewings when the people had forgotten their hats!

Check out our review of the hats for more information!

Cavallo Hoof Boots sponsored us hoof boots for all of the horses taking part in The Great Adventure!

For The Great Adventure, we wanted the horses to be as protected as possible and we find that Cavallo Hoof Boots really are the best on the market as they are more comfortable and supportive for the horses and don't rub like most hoof boots but they are also the easiest we have come across to put on and take off and more flexible to the horses hoof once on.

We did 1000 miles during The Great Adventure without any foot related lameness which was incredible!

Cavallo are continuing their sponsorship of us by sending us four pairs of Treks each year and making us distributors!

Check out their Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and our review for more information!

Farm & Stable Supplies have sponsored us branded merchandise and supplements including saddlepads, ear bonnets, caps, gilets, buckets and jackets!


Farm & Stable stock a very wide range of products including supplements, grooming equipment, veterinary supplies, yard tools, clothing and tack!

They regularly post discounts, competitions and events on their Facebook and Twitter pages so make sure to follow them on social media!

The TRM supplements they sent made an amazing difference to our horses on the The Great Adventure, as well as everyday life!

SynBioVit is a fantastic prebiotic and vitamin supplement which really help our older horses and Kurasyn is a fantastic joint supplement which keeps our horses feeling amazing, whether they are competing or riding the length of the country!

Digital Horse sponsored us with branded merchandise including jackets, gilets, LeMieux saddlepads and t-shirts! We also got a feed/training bursary, products to review and the use of their jump 4 joy course. Our reviews are posted on their Blog so make sure you check it out!


Digital Horse is social media for equestrians! It is the fastest growing horse network and a wonderful place for people to get together and share a love of horses!


They regularly post competitions on Digital Horse as well as on their Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages so make sure to follow them on social media!


Previous Sponsors

Wye Valley Country Store will be sponsored us with Spillers feed during The Great Adventure!


Wye Valley Country Store is the perfect place to go for any and all of your animal needs as well as having a huge range of equestrian and country clothing and accessories for great prices with staff on hand to help with anything from enquiries to carrying your items!


They regularly post discounts and events on their Facebook and Twitter pages so make sure to follow them on social media!

To make the most of the cheaper prices, we highly recommend the rewards system loyalty card which gives you great savings over time.

Brook Hi Vis sponsored us 6 reflective high visibility vests which will be perfect for The Great Adventure as well as the run up and general riding!

Brook Hi Vis also sponsored us 4 vests for our Facebook competition and even offered personalised ones!

We have been using Brook Hi Vis products for years now and already have high visibility riding jackets and have kitted our sponsored riders out in vests too! 

Brook Hi Vis have a wide range of products which you can get personalised if you wish, they also have a large selection of riding products which we highly recommend checking out!

Tom Quirk Farrier sponsored us with three trims for The Great Adventure ponies just before we left!

Tom regularly helps us out and is amazing with all of the horses we have in, including young horses and often nervous rescues.

Ordnance Survey sponsored us a free subscription to their maps app which we used to plan the route for The Great Adventure and our preparation rides such as the ride to Sugarloaf on 31/08/17.


We followed the map easily while on route and probably would have died without it!

It has also been amazing for finding smaller routes, hacks and training exercise. The maps app has bridleways marked clearly and tells you where you are so which make them perfect for walkers, riders and bikers to find great new routes.

EQU StreamZ sponsored us a pair of their amazing EQU StreamZ fetlock bands.


StreamZ have developed a unique form of non-heating magnet therapy to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and aid balance and recovery.

Their bands have made a massive difference in many varying cases! Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular posts, reviews and offers!

Silverfeet sponsored us hoof balm and raffle prizes for us to use daily and whilst preparing for and taking part in The Great Adventure!

We discovered Silverfeet and began using it on our horses last year. The horses were in a soggy field during the winter and the field suddenly went to bone dry for several months which caused cracking. We used Silverfeet on everything that came in and it proved to be well above everything else that we've tried. The cracks seemed to disappear like magic so we used it all year round for all of our horses!

We have also used Silverfeet in the snow to stop balling in our horses' feet and it worked better than anything else and we managed to ride to Redbrook to feed the horses down there! We took Flicker and Phoenix who also took part in The Great Adventure! They showed excellent form and were careful and brave!

Prolite sponsored us one of their amazing relief pads for The Great Adventure!


We use a Prolite relief pad (admittedly ours would probably be classed as an antique now) everytime we ride! The relief pads are perfect as they just offer more cushioning rather than changing the fit of the saddle! Prolite also make half pads with shims, (meaning you can change the pad to being a front or rear riser) and they have an amazing range of girths and boots too!

Our Prolite relief pad has kept our horses feeling comfortable and happy in their saddles for many years now and we couldn't be prouder to represent them!

NAF sponsored us care packages for three of the horses going on The Great Adventure! The care packages include Electro Salt to replenish any sweat lost. Recover helps to relax the muscles and is a 5 day treatment which we used at the end of The Great Adventure and, our favourite NAF product, Love the Skin which we use on everything from cuts and scrapes to fly protection!

Bling in the Show Ring sponsored us a stunning crystal stock pin as a raffle prize for The Great Adventure, along with a money off voucher, valid until the end of 2018!


The items made by Bling in the Show Ring are beautiful and eye catching but understated enough that they accessorise your competition wardrobe!

Sponsored Riders

Scarlett started having lessons with us around 8 years ago and she has ridden many of our lovely lot!

Scarlett now has her own horse, Sol, who she has had for around a year, we started riding Sol while Scarl was off with an injury and then began teaching them together when she could return to riding!

We have already had an amazing time with Scarl in the short time that she has been our sponsored rider, including training sessions, supporting and coaching her at events, getting her first items of branded kit, including a hi vis tabard from our own sponsors, Brook Hi Vis, and a Hesteyri Horses t-shirt, rug, mug and bag. 

Scarlett recently travelled to Moores Farm for unaffiliated showjumping and came home with two 1st rosettes! 


Scarl is pictured on our ride to Sugarloaf as part of our preparation for The Great Adventure!