Rehomed this year

Here are a few of the very special horses and ponies who we have been lucky enough to have found long term, loving homes for this year!


Jack (Fiddlers Green Jacko - The Boss x Little Miss Match) is a 13 year old, 14.3 cob gelding.

He was on sales livery with us. We tested his brakes in walk, trot and canter and he was polite in front and behind.


His owner said he could occasionally be strong but he has always been ridden in a snaffle, and wasn’t at all strong with us.

He did lots of hunting in his previous home and has been used in a trekking centre too. He has popped logs hacking, and bigger jumps hunting, we did lots of schooling with him, as well as popping him over a full course of coloured fences and fillers.

He stood for several hours to be washed, trimmed and clipped and was an absolute saint. He was also as good as gold to catch, tack up etc and with all the other horses.

Jack is now being pampered by two sisters and he's loving life!

"He's the best." ~ Marla


Just a Dream, (Wye Bother - Born to Sea x Enchantment) 2016, 15.2 bay mare, with growing left to do.

Dreamer was an absolute joy to own. Great to catch and with the farrier, easy to load and lead.

She happily hacked alone or in company and was snaffle mouthed, learning to relax into an outline. Sometimes she put her tongue over the bit, but this became less frequent towards the end of her time with us.

Dreamer worked well in the arena in all aspects, loved to jump and had a beautiful, trainable personality.  She would sometimes still have excited moments, due to her age, so she we found her a competent rider to continue her education.

We rescued her from being put to sleep as she had issues being turned out. She was very agoraphobic and used to spin around and race back to her stable. Once you got her into the field she would stand at the gate bucking. After about a month, she turned out absolutely perfectly and was so happy and chilled once in the field, interacting with other horses, grazing and rolling. This hasn't regressed since being in her new home, which is amazing!

Before we cracked the turnout, she would occasionally nibble the wall next to her stable, but that stopped happening as soon as we got her routine right!

Dreamer had masses of potential to go on in any sphere, she has floaty paces and plenty of scope.

"Dream come true makers the pair of you." ~ Dreamer's new owner!


Tom (Tomsk, by Priolo, out of Kauto Relstar) ten year old, 16.2 chestnut gelding.


Tom was an absolute pleasure to own, and a handsome lad to look at.

Tom had a varied life since he arrived with us late in 2016, but not always as consistent as we would have liked. At the end of 2016 and the first half of 2017, he did lots of flat and jump schooling, went cross country training and trained for eventing. We had to turn him away towards the end of the season as we took on a lot of rescues that year, and we were a rider down. Then in 2018, we rode the length of the UK so he stayed turned away for the year while we trained and completed the ride. In 2019, we picked him up again and he was very pleased to be back in work. He had been in full work five days a week, schooling and jumping weekly, and was been brilliant! He loved his work and wanted to have a human (or several) all to himself.

He had hacked a lot and was generally easy and fairly laid-back to hack, he looked after youngsters when we're backing and was a great lead horse! Not spooky and would go out alone or in company, first or last. Obviously horses aren't machines but we happily put novices on to hack him.

Tom had a massive amount of innate ability on the flat, and three strong paces, counter canter; medium trot; walk, trot and canter legyields; pirouette; shoulder in and traverse.

He was also brilliantly talented over a fence. He showed a lot of scope; he had competed up to 80cm, consistently schooled at 90cm away from home, and jumped higher at home. He would occasionally look at a fence and also stick his head in the air when jumping, we found it best to start his sessions small and then put the jumps up. He did xc training and was brilliant, but found eventing competition stressful in his earlier days with us. 

Tom was not anyone's ride, and could be a bit picky! However, he was absolutely brilliant and would be your best friend in all ways if you clicked with him. We found someone who did and he didn't look back!

He was never sick or sorry bar a couple of abscesses in his first winter. He was sound and straight moving, good to shoe although was barefoot towards the end of his time with us, good as gold to clip, box, catch and anything else you needed to do on the ground. Turned out with mares or geldings, and looked after our ancient ponies! His only problem in the field was that he could be a little too kind so was picked on! Fed on hay and was on haylage over winter. He was a really good doer for a thoroughbred and had been turned out for entire winters without feeds, with no issues. He had regular visits from the chiropractor, farrier and dentist and was up to date with his vaccinations.

"He has totally captured my heart." ~ Tom's new owner.


Chestnut Chappy, 2010 (10 years old), 15.3hh Unregistered Irish Draft.

Passed a 5 stage vetting on 28/12/19.

Charlie was sold to our client for a large sum of money as suitable for a complete Novice, but it soon became apparent he was too worried to be suitable.

He was good to hack with us in walk, trot and canter. On our first hack, he legyielded up the lanes in trot. He could be a little worried so liked a little encouragement and neck scratch from his rider.

He had lovely paces and could school really nicely, he just needed reminding about what to do with his body. He also had a super jump but he was green in this area and would have really benefited from being built up confidence wise.

He had done nothing nasty, but needed a competent rider to bring on and support him.

We found a lovely home for him with a local family, and he was totally zen when we dropped him off, so we could tell that it was his place!


Cally (Lyndhurst Eclipse, out of Lyndhurst Moonlight) 14.2hh, 9 year old, grey, New Forest  cross gelding.


Cally was striking to look at and was sure to excel in any sphere. He was been ridden by a small ten year old boy who did absolutely everything on him, including Pony Club Camp, rallies and fun rides. He was super to ride in open space and great to hack, alone or in company, first or last. He was comfortable and easy to go cross-country. His flatwork improved consistently with us, until he was ready to win at prelim level or higher!


The reason for sale was that he was a little lacking in confidence over fillers, and needed to be ridden more maturely, his rider was just too small to be able to wrap his leg and support Cally to a fence. However, Cally improved massively during his time at Little Hesteyri, having two double clears and coming 2nd in a show jumping competition, where he made every jump off turn asked of him and didn't look at anything, even when he came into fillers with barely a stride to see the fence. He also jumped courses of 85cm and above at home with fillers in. He never stopped with us by the time he left and gave the most amazing feeling jumping around a course.


He had endless scope, and could have easily been brought on to do any job with the right rider. He became a more and more competitive horse with each day and would really enjoy going up through the levels. We were about to enter him in an event when Covid struck, but can see him eventing in the future!


Cally really preferred more competent and relaxed riders. He was perfect for us to ride with no reins, and came back from a jumping canter to a collected trot, if we would just think 'slow'. He was very in tune and wanted to please, listened carefully to vocal aids and adored praise. Unbalanced, nervous or tense riders made him feel a little unsure of whether he was being asked to go or stop.

What he needed was a loving home who wanted to have fun and love him, and that is just what he got!

"I couldn't be more thankful to have him in my life. I couldn't have asked for a better horse to start a journey with." ~ Cally's new owner.


T.B.S Kevin (by Burning Daylight, out of T.B.S Echo) 2013 (7 year old), 14hh Connemara pony.

Kev is an absolutely lovely pony who had done a bit of everything before coming to us! In a previous home, he did all pony club activities, hunted and did plenty of show jumping.

With us, he hacked plenty, including nannying a youngster on a canter hack, and had a brilliant sessions in the arena, while the digger was running and moving muck just outside! He jumped for the first time in a little while, and flew fillers without hesitation. Kevin is a very honest pony and doesn't have a nasty bone in his body.

We did everything from loading him, washing him down in an open space, to cantering around the arena bareback with no reins, and he didn't put a foot wrong!

Kev found the most wonderful partner in a lovely lady who dotes on him and has done the correct work, and got him going beautifully!

​"He's a little gem." ~ Kev's new owner


Sienna, beautiful 2014, 11.3hh, Welsh Section A pony.

Bold and sweet to hack, alone and in company in walk, trot and canter. Si went out in all weathers and saw lorries and rattling trailers.


Sienna also schooled in walk, trot and canter, and was confidently jumping a whole course of fillers and coloured poles! Sienna was much more mature than her years suggested and regularly helps nanny youngsters, both hacking and in the arena! Will go first or last and doesn't worry about being left behind!


Si was brilliant for the chiropractor, dentist and farrier. Great to load, stable and catch. This little pony adored her work and would have the odd month off, hop on and she was always exactly the same, eager to please and ready to go!


Sienna went to the most wonderful home, to two best friends and their children. Si is doted on and we regularly get the most wonderful updates!

"Perfect pony" ~ Sienna's new owner.


Oly (Tireinon Olympia by Hendrewen Mr Tom out of Tireinon Jubilee Rose) 8 year old, 14.1hh welsh section D pony with lovely, floaty paces and a to-die-for attitude!

Ideal mother-daughter share or family pony as he was kind and genuine but could have benefited from someone who could continue his education too.

He was extremely sweet on the ground, loaded and travelled like a dream, great to shoe (was unshod with us as he had great little feet). Great to mount from the ground, mounting block or a leg up. Stood for you to chat, great to be tied up, could be left in the stable happily and would stand all day to be fussed!

Oly was ready to go, hacking wise and would have suited a novice in that sphere. We wouldn't have ever said he was bombproof, but only because no horse is! However, he was generally unspooky, we had taken him out in gale force winds and he never batted an eyelid at pheasants, traffic, plastic bags or power tools.

He came to us to be restarted and had never cantered under saddle, he was with us for less than 3 weeks and was already cantering (and walking and trotting!) on a hack in company, happy to pop a log too.

In the arena, he was more green and needed a more competent rider to bring him on and give him the right aids. He was schooling easily and independently in walk, trot and over a small fence, and was happy cantering and jumping behind another horse!

He improved so rapidly that we had faith that he would try his hand at any job!

Oly went to a wonderful, local home at the beginning of the year, and they have been amazing with him and loved him very much!

"We have a once in a lifetime pony." ~ Oly's new owner.


Samba, 14.2/14.3 10yr old Mare, homebred out of cob x mare by Bethel Omarge.

She was backed aged 5 as she took a little longer to mature. She was loaned out and mostly group hacked but did do some jump schooling at home and a couple of fun rides. She was then loaned from the yard and began competing around August 2018.

She will sometimes (if she has had time off or is having a nappy moment) do a small rear, this has been easily coped with by an inexperienced rider. She has been mainly hacked in company due to circumstance, but has occasionally hacked alone.

She has had regular outings at pony club and competitions, including attending pony club camp last year. She has done all activities and won in area 9 showjumping champs 2019. She also placed 2nd at the NSEA grassroots championships December 2019.

We immediately took her for a hack in company, and the day after took her in the school. She settled very quickly, had about 5 minutes of being distracted but then worked very nicely in walk and trot. The canter needed slightly more work, but she worked happily in an outline. She was fantastic to a jump, forward going and definitely knows her job, she jumped up to 85cm with no worries.

Fully shod and up to date with vacs, she is micro marked.

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