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Recently Rehomed

Here are a few of the very special horses and ponies who we have been lucky enough to have found long term, loving homes for.


Misty is an approximately 15.3, 3 year old TB mare. She has come to us directly from her breeder, and we haven't done any work with her yet. She was backed as a two year old and turned away over winter. She didn't come back into racing because she has slightly imperfect movement in front and her breeder didn't want her put at risk.



That said, she is 100% sound even though she's currently barefoot. She has a nice nature and is pretty easy on the ground, especially considering her age. She loaded easily to get here, and stands well to be groomed.



Jysar is a stunning example of a Norwegian Fjord. He is 10 years old and a stocky 13.3, well able to take up the leg of an adult, but safe enough for someone younger.


Jysar was originally backed by us, and has been in a hacking home for the last 4 years. He has been doing a little bit in the arena since coming back to us to sell, and will pop a small fence, but the hacking is his obvious strong point, and anyone wanting him for another job would have to put some effort in. 


To hack he's as safe as houses, and good fun. Will hack alone, but exceptional in company! Will go first or last, and not scared of anything. Stands like a rock to be mounted.


Not a great fan of the stable, so would love a home where he doesn't spend much time in, but will stand to be tacked up etc.

Does need weight management, so someone with a track system would be ideal, or some experience with fat ponies!



Ralph is a 15.2, CHAPS registered, 12 year old gelding. He is anyone's ride, genuine to a fault, and honest about trying his best in every situation.


Ralph has mainly hacked throughout his life and is absolutely golden at this job. He will go alone or in company, in front or behind, lead the way over tough terrain, and not get excited if horses canter away from him. I would trust him in any situation and he'd be brilliant for endurance or fun rides. He was impeccable on his first fun ride with us.


Although less experienced in the school, he is learning very quickly and already has strong walk and trot work. His canter is lovely and balanced also.


Likewise, he hasn't jumped much, but has a brilliant attitude and is straight and brave. 


He is the sort of horse who once is more established on the flat would be about £15k, so get yourself a bargain now.


Ralph is also a saint on the ground, will go out with any other horses and ponies, happy to be in or out. He's barefoot and easy to manage in every way.

£9500 ono