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We've been asked about this a lot, so we decided to have a real look into setting up a store for the Hesteyri Family to enjoy! Everything here is priced at what it will cost us with postage, if anything ends up cheaper due to combined postage, any proceeds made will go into the "Save Them Syndicate" account and be put towards helping horses who need us.
Please get in touch if you think of something that you would really like to see! We can send any of your items off to be embroidered for £10 a side.

We've gone for high quality items that every horse owner wants (or needs, if we're talking to our spouses or parents). We see lots of people buying branded clothing that they don't really like to wear which seems pointless to us! So if you want something and it's not in our 'shop', let us know and we'll sort it out!

Anyone purchasing items and posting about them on social media with pictures will receive a 5% discount off future items!
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