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Here are a few of our vlogs! For more, check out our YouTube and Facebook videos! If you would like to see us vlog about something, pop it in the comments of one of these videos!

Day in the Life

Find out a little about our routine, get some work out inspiration, and listen to our short review on our Aztec Diamond kit, and our wardrobe staples!

Teaching a horse to pick her feet up

This is more of a tutorial video on helping a horse overcome the fear of having feet picked up.

Christmas Tack Haul

This one is a short, fun video where we chat about some new items in our wardrobes and give feed back on some of our favourites! This is a great one to watch for present ideas, both giving and wish lists!

Christmas update

This is a little update on what all of the horses are doing. It's a nice short vlog and is fun and lighthearted!

October update

Here's another little update on what all of the horses are doing... But it's mainly just us messing around for 3 minutes!
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