Save Them Syndicate

For those of you who don't have a horse of your own, or wish to give a horse in need some extra help, we offer the chance to have a stake in the ownership of the rescues who we have in at Little Hesteyri. Get involved in our 'Save them Syndicate', by donating as little or as much as suits you, and in return, owning a percentage share in any of the horses who we have rescued. Most of our rescues are rehabilitated and rehomed when they are ready. Syndicate members will have their percentage share from the adoption fee.


By becoming a syndicate member until horses are rehomed, you are helping us to save a life. This money goes towards vital feed, body work, farrier, dentist and general maintenance while the horse is professionally trained.

We are fairly regularly called about horses in need of help, we have always taken on the full costs and risks of these horses on our own. Until 2020, that is. In January, we took on a lovely horse called Lucy, who had a few problems and was going to be sent for meat. This meant that when we got the call about another horse who was going to be put to sleep, a month later, we weren't able to take her on. We have never been the sort to beg for help but this horse was just three years old, and about to be put down.

There, our 'save them syndicate' was born. We asked if anyone would be willing to come in to help us with her costs while we rehabilitated and retrained her, before rehoming her. We were overwhelmed by the most amazing response from our followers.

In a few hours, we had offers from seven people who were willing to co-own the horse with us, and help us to cover her expenses. Just days later, we picked her up and renamed her 'Just a Dream' from 'Wye Bother' because the whole process was really a pipe dream! And because we thought it was a bit of a sad name for a horse who had been about to be put to sleep. We call her Dreamer in the stable and she certainly has been worth the bother!

Dreamer left us after four months, she has found a beautiful home which is local to us, and she comes back regularly for lessons! Dreamer's syndicate members only went out to save a life, they wanted nothing in return! However, each person involved had a percentage share based on the amount they each put in. This meant that everyone had a return of almost double what they put in.

Because of the success we have had with Dreamer's owners, we have decided to offer this for all of our future rescues. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you might be interested in becoming a syndicate owner and helping to save a life.

Dreamer ~ Just A Dream

Dreamer came to us because she was about to be put to sleep. A lovely friend gave us a call because she couldn't stand to see such a young life thrown away. This was January 2019, but we had already taken on another horse who was going to be put to sleep that month and we just didn't have space for another. Because of our syndicate program, by the time we picked Dreamer up, she had seven owners, plus us! We generally try to change the name of the rescues that we get in, to give them a fresh start. Dreamer's stable name was 'Nelly' and her passported name was 'Wye Bother' so we named her 'Just a Dream' (a song that Nelly released) with the stable name of Dreamer, because being able to rescue her was a dream, supported by some of the kindest people we have been lucky to know!