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Horses For Sale and loan

We regularly have horses in to sell, so if we don't have anything suitable, feel free to drop us a message so that we can keep you in mind for the future. Most of these horses also have albums on FB and highlights saved on our Instagram (hesteyrihorses). We also have some wonderful horses for loan as companions, all good doers and some who can still be walked down the lane by a competent rider. Please contact us for more details.


"You couldn't get more honest and caring people, if you want your dream horse can highly recommend them, we have a once in a lifetime pony from them"

-Clare, Buyer

Agent Gibbs

Agent Gibbs, 16hh, 12 year old gelding o is one of the most chilled out easy horses we've ever known! He hacks alone or in company. He never gets silly and we've put many novices on him, including two 10 year old kids who both adored him, one was a hack with four other horses and the little girl riding him was off the lead rein and riding in front and behind.


His school work is beautifully balanced and correct, he is responsive off the leg and he scored 38 (62%) in his first dressage test.


His jumping is also impressive and he is straight and brave to a jump. He went to a new, very busy venue for some jump schooling and was his usual saintly self, warming up calmly and then standing patiently to wait for his turn around a course of fences, complete with all fillers. He has since jumped his first 70 in competition, and looked like he'd been doing it his whole life!


At a fun ride, he'll go first or last, nanny other horses and go from a gallop back to a relaxed walk. He is always snaffle mouthed and comes back as soon as you ask him to. He was the only horse on the yard who I could trust to go on a gallop hack with my heavily pregnant sister, and know what he would be 100% in all ways.


His ground manners are impeccable. He's a great calming influence on other horses, and is perfect for the farrier and just about every other job you could imagine. He was clipped loose in a stable with no issue at all.


He inspires confidence and could suit a novice rider all the way up to an eventer. With the progress he has already made and the way he works so naturally, in a month he is almost sure to be a school master, but he's already worth his weight in gold because we can trust him completely with any level of rider.



Clio (stable name Pea) is a 14.3hh, 4 year old mare who is absolutely exceptional for her age. She's Connemara x ISH, but on a pet passport. 


She was backed by us early this year and was an absolute treasure. She was safe as houses right from the start, not spooky and quite happy to go out alone. 


She came back for holiday livery a couple of weeks ago and once again was a joy to have around. Now her owner has decided that Pea feels a little bit small for her, and that she has more potential than she'll use. 


It's like she's been hacking her whole life, she will happily go like a trekking pony behind, or lead the way and stride out beautifully. We've had her past hedge trimmers and tractor trailers without her batting an eyelid. We trust her completely, and can attest to that as she's regularly ridden by my heavily pregnant sister. 


She's started school work and done poles, she schools well in walk, trot and canter, absolutely loves her pole work and was so willing for her first little jumps. 


This is a young horse who has been very carefully produced, she just did straight line work for months to allow her to strengthen up and build the correct muscles without being overworked. Because of that, we have no qualms about her being truly fit and ready to go and she has proved that by being beautifully balanced in the school. 



Good on the ground, barefoot, good to travel. A very easy keeper.

£8000 ono


"You couldn't get more honest and caring people, if you want your dream horse can highly recommend them, we have a once in a lifetime pony from them"

-Clare, Buyer