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"You couldn't get more honest and caring people, if you want your dream horse can highly recommend them, we have a once in a lifetime pony from them"

-Clare, Buyer


Lucy (Willabelle - Wanninger x Old Edition) is a 10 year old, bay 16.2hh, Hanoverian mare.

Lucy is absolutely stunning to look at and a delight to ride! Competing at Elementary level on the flat (placed 5th in her first compet; her strengths include demi-pirouhette in trot (full in walk), fantastic leg yield/half pass, traverse, renverse, shoulder in, counter canter and decent collection in all paces.

Lucy has popped fences with ease and will be one to watch on the dressage, SJ or event circuit. She is jumping 1m tracks at home and out training, and went to a higher level cross country, jumping ditches, steps, corners and into water without batting an eyelid!

We are hoping to event Lucy this year, so we aren't in any rush to sell her and she will only be going to a perfect home. For Lucy, because of how talented and 'extra' she is, we are looking for a very competitive, performance home, where she will be challenged both on the flat and jumping. An eventing home with someone who wants to take her up the levels would be ideal.

Lucy hacks alone and in company but we would rather she went to a home where she would predominantly be kept and ridden in company. Lucy prefers to be in work and can be hot to ride if on limited turnout, but is quick to settle.

This is an extremely special horse, and she's our pride and joy, but she is a hot horse so needs a competent rider. When you have her, she will do anything for you, and she was just the most amazing, fun horse to take cross country schooling and to fun rides, as well as to jump at home. Lucy likes being in full and heavy work and can be quirky, especially after a break, or if she has been kept in too much.

Lucy is lovely on the ground, so cuddly and friendly, easy to clip, shoe and catch. Turns out with mares and geldings of all shapes and sizes. Luce gets fat from fresh air so we have her on a constant diet and turned out all year round. We never have her in anything thicker than a medium weight. Originally, she had been bad to load, this is no longer an issue (we have footage of her loading herself) but may regress slightly in a new home so worth mentioning. We just fed her on the box and she loved it! Luce thrives in a herd but has been in smaller groups, we don't want to sell her to somewhere she will have individual turnout.


With her incredible breeding and conformation, she would make an incredible broodmare. She takes all of the little ones under her wing and is the kindest horse in the field. Luce cut her leg in November 20, and because of the weather and mud, she had over a month on box rest to keep it clean. She was a delight the entire time and stood like a saint for the vet to flush and bandage. This has left a small mark on the inside of her right fore, but she wasn't even lame on it at the time, and has never been since.


More pictures and videos available, please follow the links to our Facebook and YouTube.
Price reduced in line with the fact that she will very occasionally rear (she has done this 4 times with us, in a year and a half and only in extenuating circumstances). Please only competent and knowledgeable homes, she is a warmblood with stunning breeding and we are ideally hoping for a competitive home for her.



"We recently made the big decision to buy not one, but two horses from Meg and Lauren. We weren’t pressured, all of our questions were answered honestly and nothing was too much trouble. We received a very detailed pack of information about each horse and both ladies have been at the end of the phone to answer any questions that have arisen since. We honestly cannot praise these two lovely ladies highly enough! They have gone over and above to ensure that the horses have settled well and that we know everything about them, their strengths and areas to develop. Everything they do is for the love of the horse and they should be very proud of the standard they are achieving. Keep up the great work ladies!"

-Gina, Buyer


Attain (Dansili x Achieve) is a 2009, approx 16.1 gelding.

Attain is a complete star, and as fun as they come! He is one of the most naturally talented horses we have ever had the pleasure of riding, the sky is the limit for him competitively!

He moves brilliantly, and excels in the dressage arena, currently competing up to elementary level, and gets better and better every day! His movements include legyield, shoulder in, halfpass, counter canter and flying changes. His medium and collected paces are absolutely stunning, and he's produced some beautiful extension. He works on a contact in all three paces with a natural outline and consistent carriage.

He also has a brilliant, scopey jump and is jumping consistently and brilliantly. Tainy went to his first cross country outing and was a complete star, jumping everything from ditches to steps up to 110cm. He was neat and accurate to a skinny and then opened up and was as bold as brass to the bigger fences, jumping out of his stride.

He is only show jumping schooling up to about 95cm to get him confident over fillers, but he has scope to burn and such a 'can do' attitude when it comes to digging deep for a long stride or holding for a short one!

He's great to hack alone or in company, can be occasionally excitable when on limited turnout, but there is no malice in him and he is always snaffle-mouthed.

Attain would be suited to almost any job with the right rider. He is uncomplicated and extremely talented, but equally he loves all aspects of ridden life, and loves to be pampered and cuddled. He would be extremely competitive dressage, show jumping or eventing, but could also make a lovely riding or pony club horse.

We took him barefoot over winter, and have recently put shoes back on him so that we can have studs to event him. He would be happy to be barefoot or shod and has beautifully shaped feet. He is an absolute gem to have around the yard, and is easy to do in all ways. He does crib, but not badly, and he maintains his weight. It is also easily prevented with electric tape, but this is still reflected in his price.

Loads beautifully, stands quietly on the box, and tied next to it with a friend and a haynet, great to clip and groom (but he will try to distract you into cuddling him), stands like a saint for the farrier, dentist and chiropractor (all up to date). Has been ridden by teenagers, (picture included of one of our young riders having a lesson on him). Will hack past anything and is good in traffic, but he personally thinks that they should be waiting for him so can be a bit of a fidget if lorries/cars go past too slowly. Doesn't look at road signs, nor worry about dogs.

More pictures and videos available, please follow the links to our Facebook and YouTube.

£7000 with price to increase with the more he does with us.


"Recently bought a beautiful pony from the lovely Meg and Lauren. They described her so genuinely and our fabulous pony has not put a foot wrong since coming to her forever home with us. Honest, kind and thorough horsewomen. Highly recommend buying a horse or pony from them. We are delighted - thank you"

-Alice, Buyer


Myrtle's Mystery (Revoque x Emma Lilley) is a 16.1, 10 year old mare.

She has been mainly hacked, although has done a little bit of everything with riding clubs. She is good to hack alone or in company.

She schools nicely on the flat but is slightly rusty so needs continued work. She will happily pop a fence, including fillers. No reason to imagine she couldn't jump up to 100 level with a little work, she's currently building up over smaller fences.

She doesn't like the rain, and can be quite bouncy in bad weather. She had been sold by us about a month ago, but didn't settle, we think due to it being a quiet yard, so friends to turn out and be in with is a must. During this time she threw a couple of bucks, but has gone back to being sensible since being here.

She is a sweetheart on the ground and easy to deal with. She has been slightly tricky to load with past owners, but has been ok here with us, and with her new owners.

She has failed a flexion test, BUT the vet said he was happy with soundness on soft and hard surfaces and we have had NO issues with soundness in the time she's been with us. We personally put no stock in flexions because we've known a few sound horses to fail but the price reflects this.

She wouldn't suit a complete novice, but is not a complicated ride either and we have put multiple novices on her with no difficulties. A home where she would hack, fun ride and riding club activities would be ideal.



"So refreshing to meet people who care passionately about the welfare of the horses they work with. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lauren and Meg if looking to buy a horse. Keep up the amazing work girls"

-Dee, Potential Buyer.


Matilda is 17 year old cob mare, standing at approximately 14.3hh.

Matilda has been in the same family home for the past 10 years and in that time, has mainly hacked. A change in personal circumstances and owner having to care for a family member, Matilda can be spooky and forward to hack so needs someone confident, who will just ignore her and get on with the ride. Doesn't do anything nasty and loves to be more adventurous with her hacks. We think she may be slightly better in company, but there isn't a massive difference.

We don't think she's been in the school more than a handful of times in the past decade, so we didn't expect her to be foot perfect and happy to do everything, but she was! She was really easy to ride, popped a coloured fence with absolutely no issues, had a lovely balanced canter and loved every second! Hasn't worked in an outline regularly, but is already learning what it's all about, she's responsive but not too strong,

In the field, she's easy to deal with and turns out with mares and geldings, her owners have said she can get attached to other horses but we haven't had an issue so far. We always have other horses in when we bring horses in, and have a busy but chilled out yard, so we think that might be helping her. We would recommend that she lived on a yard with herd turnout or at least somewhere that she can see and be around other horses at all times.

Currently shod all round but has been barefoot in the past and only has shoes due to the length of hacks on stony paths wearing down her feet, but she's very sure footed either way.

Home is much more important than price, we just want her to go to a forever home where she will have company. Price does reflect age and hacking, but doesn't really reflect how awesome she was in the school! This is a lovely pony who will make someone very happy, and may suit a pony club or riding club home.



Charlie is 6 year old 16.2hh chestnut gelding.

He came to us out of racehorse training with a very conscientious yard. They said he could be a little spicy when coming back into work after time off, but we brought him into work after months and months off and he was as chilled as anything! He's had a few super hacks with us and he's been an absolute sweetheart!

Turns out with mares or geldings and has the most adorable and lovable personality!

Wouldn't say he's suited to a novice purely because it would be nice to see him continue his retraining, but at the same time, he's done absolutely nothing wrong with us.


£4000 price to increase as his training progresses.