Here are some pictures and details of horses we have owned, past and present!
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Sponsor a horse!

For those of you who don't have a horse of your own we are offering a chance to sponsor one of ours!


Sponsorship costs just £5 a month which will go towards our continued work in rescuing and rehabilitating horses. The horses who we rescue and rehabilitate stay for as long as they need but all need to be rehomed eventually. By sponsoring a horse until they are rehomed, you are helping to look after and feed them until we can find the perfect home for them and then help the next horse in need! The package includes:


  • A4 print of your chosen horse

  • Addition onto our monthly newsletter

  • A chance to come and see the horses (by appointment only)

  • Regular mentions on our Facebook Page

  • May also include a financial return when the horses find their forever homes, based on the length of sponsorship!

These are the horses you can choose from:

Tom ~ Tomsk

Tom was an ex-racehorse who we picked up from the sale looking like a rack of ribs! He's a super horse with lovely paces and a great jump! Tommy happily hacks and is very friendly. He has a promising career ahead of him and we hope to get him show jumping well to help him find a great home!

Babe ~ Birchgrey Baby

Babe was our horse many years ago and we sold her to a seemingly ideal home. We got wind that the owners had sold Babe through a dealer and her new owner contacted us to ask some history. Babe had several other homes with the occasional person calling to ask us about her. Her last home was with a lovely girl who messaged to ask what had gone on in Babe's life to make her so scared of everything. Although heartbroken, we couldn't help as we had no idea what had gone on but her owner promised to rehabilitate her and not give up on her. We then got the message that her perfect owner was losing her grazing and were asked if we could take her back as, after everything Babe had ben through, she didn't trust her with anyone else. We drove the four hours to Manchester with Skye to help keep Babe happy. Their reunion was a beautiful moment and the girls travelled back without a peep. We had intended on putting Babe out on loan but after we took her about five minutes up the lane for her to start shaking and freaking out, we decided that she would have to stay with her herd at home. Babe occasionally competes in unaffiliated show jumping where she is fast and scopey. In the first couple of outings since getting her back, Babe got several placings from 1st-3rd! We may look for a sharer for her one day who can ride Babe at Little Hesteyri.

Solo ~ Solar Eclipse

Solo was bought from the New Forest sales and she was absolutely terrified of people and she was pretty feral! Solo was sold with a head collar on and we managed to load her, box her home and stable her. In the morning, we couldn't get near her even in the stable (we suspect that she may have been drugged because of how different she was) which meant that we couldn't get her head collar off. After getting another horse in the stable to try to get closer to Solo, we managed to join-up with her and cut it off. Solo is a much happier horse but every time we have gone to back her, she's still too worried. With so many other rescues, we decided to leave backing Solo until a later date and are looking for a loan companion home for her in the meantime!



Sienna was brought to us after an accident on the road which had led to the death of her field mate and left Sienna traumatised at just five years old! After rehabilitating and rebacking her, she is now ready to find her forever home!

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