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The Mark Todd Collection ~ Breeches

The Mark Todd Collection Breeches: Product review!

We've had a pair of The Mark Todd Collection breeches in charcoal grey for a little less than a year, in that time, they have not only been one of the nicest fitting pairs of breeches we have ever owned but have also seen pretty much everything, including backing and riding bareback as in the picture. Because of the suede style seat, they make riding bareback so comfortable! Both of us are allergic to horses so if we ride bareback, our legs often come up in hives but this never happens in our Mark Todd breeches!

A lot of you might remember Swift's little incident with the stallion that came through the fence but Meg also suffered a bad fall as Swift needed to outrun the other horse so the only choice was to come off.

This resulted in a ruptured calf that had her off riding for two months and off client horses for almost three. Meg was also covered in grazes and bruises, many of which have scarred because they were so deep.... but guess what? Not a mark on the breeches! And luckily for us, the doctors and nurses at hospital didn't cut through them either!!

We can't recommend this product enough because of how comfortable the breeches are but also because of how hard wearing they are! You can definitely trust these to for a decent amount of time so that you can carry on riding in style!!

Pictured is day one of backing Iona. For those who are wondering, we always back for the first time with no saddle to make it as stress free as possible for the horse.

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