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Highbury Plains ~ A Preparation Ride

We decided to do another one of our more exploratory rides to test out our hoof boots and also to try out a circuit ride which we hadn't tried for years due to being too overgrown and impassable.

First we headed along our normal route, entering the wood, squishing through a pretty deep bog which didn't manage to suck the boots off and then a great gallop up the hill.

Then, the muddy paths lead onto stony tracks which the horses usual potter down very carefully. With Flicker's hoof boots, he didn't think twice and actually trotted most of the way! The tracks give even shod horses a hard time but Flix was so happy!

We came across a fallen tree at about the height of Flicker's withers which meant that we couldn't go over it or under it so, after dismounting, we headed up the very steep slope next to it, winding our way around trees and ending up much further up the slope because of branches, brambles and holes before having to head back down, trying to see the path again between dense trees! Flicker was absolutely awesome and followed exactly where I stepped

Just after the struggle to get around the first tree, there was another one! Luckily with space to get around but by this point, we were getting a bit frustrated so followed the first track off that we found... Which ended in a fallen tree. We then had to follow deer tracks and, eventually, just Flicker's nose! We eventually got back to our usual ride, pretty disappointed that the paths around us just aren't maintained but also happy with our awesome boy!

When we got back, he had the EQU StreamZ Bands on for the rest of the day in the stable to make sure his legs were still feeling good after the extra climbing!

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