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EQU Streamz

Equ Streamz kindly gave us a pair of their magnetic bands to use for the great adventure. You can find all about them on their website, they are basically a simple band which wraps around the fetlock (or wherever else you want it). They offer 360 degree magnets, which help to improve circulation, and therefore can aid in a variety of ailments.

Whilst our great adventure ponies didn't have any niggles to worry about, it was evident that the bands would be of great use. We rotated them around, so that the pony on their second day always had them on. We felt comforted by the bands, and really feel like they helped to keep the ponies feeling well. When Flicker went lame in a hind leg we popped the bands on and gave him a day off, and the next day he was sound and happy again.

Since coming home we have used them on our old boy Flame. Flame is 29 years old and has suffered with navicular and arthritis for several years now. The bands do seem to help give him some relief.

Please note that this is all anecdotal evidence. For the real science please visit the website. We definitely recommend these though, and they are far more effective than any other magnetic 'boots' on the market. Plus they are much more secure being just bands rather than boots, and are non-heating meaning they can wear them constantly. Flicker had his on when he fell in a bog and they stayed on!

Amadeus had the bands on his back fetlocks here!

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