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Heartland Soundtrack ~ Season 1

So hear (see what we did there?), we have the proper Heartland Soundtrack!

We've got all of the songs that appear in the season listed here but we've only included links to the ones that we think encompass Heartland and have mellow vibes!


You can see the playlist here.

Season 1 ~ Episode 1

Dreamer ~ Jenn Grant

This is the theme tune of Heartland and appears in every episode, we'll just mention it in the first one!

Drive Thru With You ~ Club Fungi

Beijing Soldier ~ The 6ixty 8ights

Broken Leaf ~ Tangiers

Dynamo ~ The Golden Dogs

These are all songs playing either at the Stanton's party or in Ty's truck on the way home. They aren't the kind of songs we relate to Heartland so we haven't included them here but you can find most of them on YouTube!

Season 1 ~ Episode 2

A Million Skies ~ Kensington Prairie

This is played at the end of the episode when Amy is jumping the course of jumps (which Ty built her) on Spartan.

Season 1 ~ Episode 3

Down in a Cold Dirty Well ~ Justin Nozuka

This is played on the radio of Scott's truck (while he and Amy are on the way to Fairfield to meet Promise, and Ty overtakes on a motorbike with Ashley on the back), we made this little edit to it as it wasn't an important song.

Envelope of Many ~ Laurel MacDonald

This is played at the Open House when Amy saddles and rides Promise.

I'm a Coward ~ The Joshua Hughes Band

Played at the open house in the evening. We only have some of this song as you can't find it anywhere online!!

We Could Run ~ The Joshua Hughes Gang

Played in the evening at the open house but sadly, we couldn't find the song anywhere online!

Season 1 ~ Episode 4

Nowhere With You ~ Joel Plaskett

Lou is running and Amy catches up on Spartan so they decide to race.

Disappear From View ~ Kensington Priarie

Amy takes Spartan for a ride and sees her Dad (Tim) on his horse.

Season 1 ~ Episode 5

Beneath My Eyes ~ St. Phillip's Escalator

Girl's Fight ~ Vailhalen

Hold Me Tonight ~ Wild Whirled Music

Breakin' Into Pieces ~ Ellis

These are songs which we couldn't find, didn't like or the songs were just background music!

Bad Timing ~ Jim Cuddy , Greg Keelor , Blue Rodeo

This is the song Lou did Karaoke with when she went out with Scott. We didn't include her version for some reason!

Golden Train ~ Justin Nozuka

Amy gentles Lou, the horse Scott found abandoned.

Season 1 ~ Episode 6

Habit of the Heart ~ Ben Winship , Loose Ties

Foggy Mental Breakdown ~ Rick Krizman

These are songs we couldn't find or didn't like!

White Horses ~ Jenn Grant

Amy stands up on Pirate.

Season 1 Episode 7

Find Another Fool ~ The Swiftys

Couldn't find this one but it was only on the radio anyway.

Pilgrim ~ Joel Willoghby

The background song while the Heartland team are eating pancakes and laughing and then while Amy and Ty watch Melody and Daybreak cantering around in the pen.

Season 1 ~ Episode 9

One Day ~ David Myles

Amy and Tim go for a ride

Season 1 ~ Episode 9

Ouch My Face ~ Club Fungi

Played when Kerry Ann shows up! Not really a Heartlandy song but you can find it easily on YouTube!

Down In A Cold Dirty Well ~ Justin Nozuka

Background music in the diner, this is a repeat so see our earlier video!

White Lightning ~ The Premiums

Played whenever Sugarfoot is being cheeky! We haven't downloaded it but it's easy to find!

Just in Case ~ Leeroy Stagger

Amy and Ty race at the end of the episode.

Season 1 ~ Episode 10

Photographs ~ Kensington Prairie

Lou and Scott observe a herd of Mustangs.

Season 1 ~ Episode 11

The Long Way Home ~ Catherine MacLellan

Amy, Lou and Ty go out for a trail ride.

Season 1 ~ Episode 12

I Need a Reason ~ The Stance

I'm Still Waiting ~ The 6ixty 8ights

Back To His Girl ~ Monica Driscoll

We either couldn't find these or didn't like them!

Nenia Sirens ~ Laurel MacDonald

After the fire when Jack gets taken to hospital.

Life is Good ~ The Todd Hunter Band

Messing about in the Heartland Ranch living room, playing board games and laughing.

Season 1 ~ Episode 13

I Want You To Be My Love ~ Over The Rhine

Ty leaves and Amy finds his letter.

That's all from Season 1! Don't forget to tune back in for season 2 and subscribe for Heartland related videos!

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