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LeMieux Support Boots

We love all LeMieux products but among our absolute favourite are the support boots which we have over 10 pairs of in a few different colours! We were also lucky enough to be sponsored several sets by Horse Health for The Great Adventure!

The support boots offer full protection for horses' legs. The lowest strap is a fetlock strap which offers the most support and makes the boots almost like wraps. The unique bonus is that the horses can jump in them too, which we do regularly!

In relation to The Great Adventure, the boots were so important to give the maximum amount of protection, shock absorption and support.

We made our way up and down some extremely steep hills, trotted on roads and hard paths, clambered over rocks and pebbles which shifted under the horses, galloped along beaches, travelled through streams, rivers and fords and, perhaps most terrifyingly: Fell in a bog!

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