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Roeckl Gloves Review

Roeckl Equestrian were kind enough to support us for The Great Adventure with some pairs of gloves. We each had a pair of the Montreal gloves, and a pair of Madison gloves. 

The Montreal gloves were the slightly thicker of the two. With a very simple and yet stylish design these gloves looked (and still look) really smart. They are warm enough to keep frostbite at bay, yet thin enough to give a really comfortable feel. We have both been wearing our gloves pretty much constantly since winter started and none of the stitching has gone, with only very slight signs of wear. The velcro fastening looks stylish being sort of triangular shaped, but also is more effective being a larger area of velcro, meaning none of the straps come undone. They also work with your touch screen! Basically, these gloves are fab, can't think of any negatives.

These are the Madison gloves, and although thinner they are still very warm. We think these are the slightly prettier pair. They have a really nice soft feel to them, and are the preferred pair for flatwork. Again, the area of velcro is quite large, meaning it is less likely to get furred up and stop being secure. The light weight material means they are breathable and also means that when they get wet they are very fast to dry (necessary for the first two weeks of our ride)! These do not work so well with smart phones (as the navigator I was using my phone a lot and therefore used the other gloves more).

We would definitely buy either of these pairs of gloves. The Montreal are slightly more durable, the Madison are thinner and more suitable for competitions. We also found the staff so amazing at helping us pick which gloves to have, and these are only two types out of so many choices! Roeckl gloves are the best!

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