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Spillers Senior Super-Mash

We recently started a few of our horses on Spillers Senior Super-Mash. We have fed mash for years to our older horses to add a bit more to their diet but not bring their sugar levels up and risk laminitis or joint inflammation. Our oldest boys are Flame who is 31 and Rowan who is 27 and their teeth aren't up to chomping on much. Rowan's gnashers are so worn down that the only form of crunch gets is the Spillers Alfalfa-Pro Fibre! Rowan and Flame have been on the Super-Mash for a couple of weeks now and are really thriving on it!

Flame really struggles to keep his weight and has been completely retired for about 5 years now, because of his arthritis, so has muscle wastage too! Since being on Super-Mash, he is looking so much better, we can't even believe it's our old man! It's lovely to see him keeping his weight and looking so well.

Rowan is slightly younger but has other complications, mainly teeth, and he also needs gut support, as Flame does, to absorb his food properly. Fibre is a massive issue for Rowan as, no matter how we give him his hay or haylage, he eats very little. We were very worried about him, as nothing we tried helped (including 4 feeds a day) but then we got him on the right balance of Spillers Alfalfa-Pro, Protexin Gut Balancer and, more recently, the Spillers Super-Mash and he's looking so much better! He can be really fussy and used to leave his feed if it was just mash and chaff but he can't eat mix properly so ends up spitting a lot of his feed on the ground and not getting the good stuff! With Alfalfa-Pro, it's enough to keep the feed interesting but the cubes are soft enough that he manages to eat his whole feed! He particularly loves his new apple flavoured Senior Mash and we've managed to up his feed without him getting bored for the first time in ages! Due to his size, Rowan has also been retired for many years but is now learning to bow and having lots of fun doing lots of Liberty work!

We also started our wonderful Flicker, who's 24, and Phoenix, who's 19, on the Super-Mash! They took part in The Great Adventure and made it all the way from John O'Groats to Land's End in 2018, on Spillers feed, and the Spillers Team recognised their amazing achievement by sending us some super-mash sample bags, specifically for them! With the help of Alfalfa-Pro Fibre and the Super-Mash, they both look and feel absolutely fantastic and they love their feeds!

We love how versatile this mash is, we mix it up with hot water when it's really cold or wet to warm them from the inside, as well as to encourage them to drink when their water troughs are cold. Similarly, we heavily dilute the mash in the summer to keep the horses hydrated.

We used mash while we were on The Great Adventure, particularly during the lorry journey up to John O'Groats and home from Land's End, to encourage the ponies to drink on the box as they often refuse water when it's offered to them. It's really useful for hydrating at competitions as well, and tastes so yummy that post competition supplements, like electrolytes can be easily hidden!

We really can't recommend this feed enough, we have had horses ranging from 3 to 31 on it because it's so much more than a senior feed. One of our recent rescues came in quite light and we have been feeding her on Spillers (senior super-mash; Ulca Fibre and Digest conditioning cubes), and she has rapidly gained weight and looks fantastic!

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this review, please check out our other Product Ratings! If you would like us to review any products, please get in touch!

Thank you to Spillers for all of their support during The Great Adventure and for sending samples and discounts to make sure all of the horses and ponies at Little Hesteyri got a look in!

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