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Time To Shine ~ Horse Health

For The Great Adventure raffle, sent us two sprays, one being Time to Shine. Our followers are, of course, ridiculously generous, so many people donated the products that they won straight back to Hesteyri Horses meaning we got to test lots of products that we didn't expect to!

When we started using Time to Shine, we thought it would be fairly similar to the other body sprays, it would make them silky on the surface and make your hand slide off whenever you stroked them! We found out that the spray wasn't like that at all - instead, it gives a really natural looking shine!

You can almost always tell when horses are covered in coat shine, as opposed to when they're just shiny because they're well, but Time to Shine really seems to bring out the natural oils in the horses' coats, to give them a really authentic shine!

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