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Monmouth ~ A Preparation Ride

Phoenix and Flicker on their ride to Wye Valley Country Store in Monmouth!

The ponies did incredibly well, they were brave and tough. They don't see a lot of traffic or road markings thanks to us living in the middle of nowhere which is why these preparation rides are absolutely vital to know what challenges we will face on our ride from John O' Groats to Land's End.

Our ride to Monmouth raised over £40, just from passers by and those we met at the store. We are hugely grateful for the support as the purpose of the ride was to train the ponies and to talk to as many of you as possible which is an objective definitely met.

Everyone at Wye Valley Country Store was absolutely incredible. The ponies had a pen, haynets and carrots, the owners and staff put a huge amount of effort in and helped and supported us every step of the way and those who came in to chat and meet the ponies were great too!

Our ride from John O' Groats to Land's End is a charity ride for: Dogs Trust, Andrew Simpson Foundation : The Sailing Charity, The Racehorse Sanctuary and our own work rescuing and rehabilitating horses. To donate, please head over to our JustGiving page! To learn more, please check out The Great Adventure!

We are truly grateful for sponsors of The Great Adventure: Wye Valley Country Store, providing endless support as well as donations to the horses and branded products; Farm & Stable Supplies, who will be providing saddle pads, ear bonnets and jackets in the New Year; Brook Hi Vis, providing our high viability clothing including vests and jackets; Tom Quirk, providing us with the best hoof care possible as well as a set of free shoes for The Great Adventure; A.P.Equine & Canine McTimoney Chiropractor, providing us with free treatments for The Great Adventure horses, discounted treatments for our many rescues and discounted treatments on client's horses; Ordnance Survey, providing their maps app, for us to plan and ride our routes, free of charge; LeMieu /, providing us a fantastic raffle prize for the end of the trip.

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